Franchise Agency Lowers Customer Acquisition Cost by 66% with CallRail

Top Level Management Proves Marketing ROI and Lowers Their Client’s Customer Acquisition Cost with CallRail Call Tracking

Top Level Management, based in Colorado, provides business and marketing services for franchisors that want to increase their franchisees revenue. Their range of services include PPC and social media consulting and management, brand development, and operational services needed for franchisors to efficiently scale their business.

Top Level Management (TLM) knew the Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaigns of one of their clients was driving more than 50% of their leads over the phone, and they wanted to attribute and qualify the leads they were receiving. They also wanted to record calls so that they could coach and train their support teams.

“We needed a way to help our clients better manage and track their leads, while at the same time, enabling them to coach their staff in closing those leads. We started looking at call analytics software, and CallRail was recommended to us multiple times – specifically for PPC services,” said Ross Kaplan-Winn, Search Engine Marketing Manager at Top Level Management.

One of the biggest benefits TLM receives from call tracking is the ability to optimize their clients Ads campaigns through insight into which keywords drive qualified leads and sales.

“Once we see what keywords are driving leads through Google Ads, we can optimize ads to drive more of those qualified leads. Without CallRail’s visitor level call tracking we wouldn’t be able to view any of this data. We can even adjust bids based on time of day, day of week, specific zip codes, and see how long it takes people to call, all through using CallRail’s Google Ads integration.”

Call Tracking Insight in Numbers


  • 70% or more of the leads received by TLM’s clients are phone calls in many cases. Without call tracking through CallRail it would appear that their marketing campaigns and paid advertising strategies weren’t working.
  • TLM was able to see that often, twice as many people called businesses than filled out web forms. They also found that phone calls were more valuable and more likely to be qualified when compared to other inbound leads.
  • The agency realized that cost per acquisition was three times as much if they didn’t use call tracking for insight into which keywords drive leads. Call tracking allowed them to optimize their ads and lower customer acquisition cost by 66%.

One client in particular has one franchise website running for over 70 separate owners. CallRail made it easy to track calls, not just from the main site, but from each individual company’s location page.


Once they set up dynamic number insertion, they were able to see which calls came in to each location – giving them context before agents picked up the phone, as well as the ability to individually report on each separate company’s call tracking campaigns.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Beyond the ability to qualify and track leads, Top Level Management is also able to manage their customer’s business more efficiently with CallRail. When you’re working with franchisors that have locations all over the country time zones and area codes are sensitive. CallRail enables the use of tracking with local area codes and the ability to schedule call flows specifically for each franchisee.

CallRail also allows franchisors to use multiple number pools per website, so it’s easy to track multiple locations and phone numbers with one CallRail account. Ross Kaplan-Winn says they will continue to use CallRail, and that the results speak for themselves.

“With insight into which leads are valuable, we’re able to lower acquisition costs, while proving to our customers that our marketing campaigns are driving real results for their businesses. With benefits like that, the CallRail solution pays for itself – usually within a week from implementation.”

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