Tracking and analytics for phone calls and web forms

Discover which ads, keywords, and campaigns bring valuable leads over the phone and on the web.

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Visitor and keyword call tracking

Our call tracking software can reveal which campaigns, websites, and search keywords are driving phone call conversions. With visitor timelines, you can see your customer's journey through your website. Call conversion data feeds directly into Google Ads and even optimizes your PPC call tracking campaigns so you can track phone calls as conversions.

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CallRail Form Tracking is here

Now you can get CallRail-level insights for your form submissions. See which marketing efforts drove qualified leads to your website to better optimize your campaigns and maximize your budget.

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Static and offline call tracking

Make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring. Measure the phone leads you receive from your offline marketing efforts, including direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures. Learn more about your customers and your campaigns so you can be even more effective and close more sales.

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Frequently asked questions

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How does CallRail work?

A single line of code on your website associates online and offline interactions with potential leads. You can then use CallRail data in your ad management platforms, like Google Analytics and Ads, to associate a cost per lead.

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How does the free trial work?

Every account starts with a 14-day free trial. We don’t require a credit card to get started, and we won’t bill you until your trial is over.

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Why is CallRail different?

Our product is designed to be straightforward and accessible to businesses of all sizes. We help optimize your workflow so you can measure the quality of your conversations and turn more leads into customers.

Qualify conversations with
keywords in real-time

CallScribe automatically analyzes your phone conversations to find custom keywords to optimize for organic search, identify hot leads, missed opportunities, and other types of callers. Knowing what's happening during phone calls helps you make marketing touch points more effective and drive better leads.

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Call tracking and analytics

Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords.

Dynamic number insertion

Automatically show your tracking phone number to the right audience. Capture the full visitor journey before and after the call.

Multi-Touch CPL reporting

Use our Multi-Touch CPL report to tie inbound call, text, and form data to ad spend data from Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.

No contract required

We're confident that CallRail will help you increase sales, optimize advertising, and improve service. Try CallRail free for 14 days.

Set up numbers instantly

You can configure a new call tracking number in less than a minute. Our call flow builder helps create custom call routing for your business.

Record phone calls

Call recording makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service. Easily review and annotate your phone calls.

Understand your customer's interactions

Maximize your marketing results by discovering the details behind every conversation.