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See how the CallRail platform works.

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Connecting calls to your campaigns

Call tracking software attributes (or matches) incoming phone calls and texts to your marketing channels and tactics. This helps you measure the success of advertising campaigns while fine-tuning marketing strategies and spend.

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What is
Call Tracking?

Ever ask a caller, “how’d you find out about our business?” With call tracking software, you’ll know the answer before you pick up the phone. Even better, you’ll see which ad, campaign, or keyword got their attention.

“CallRail is probably the best tool of its kind out there. It’s easy to set up and provides a clear overview of where calls are coming from. It also allows a lot of room for customization and advanced analysis of marketing efforts.”

Insightful and

Gain the insights you need to spark growth. See every interaction with your ads, keywords, and campaigns. Then shift marketing dollars from what isn’t working, to what is.

Powerful yet

Onboard quickly with our core tools, then roll up to our full, flexible platform as you need more. As easy to use as it is to set up, most businesses see results on day one.

A single, seamless platform

We’ve got customer communications and marketing analytics covered. You don’t need a patchwork of products to take your business to the next level — just CallRail.

Proven and trusted

Our platform’s been tested, improved, and fine-tuned for more than a decade. Plus more than 180,000 businesses use CallRail and have consistently ranked us #1 on G2.


We pair well with your marketing tools

We don’t just work with 700+ marketing platforms—we make them better. In a few clicks, our call and conversion data fuels deeper insights, automatically.

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CallRail is a marketing platform for businesses that rely on quality phone calls, leads, and new customers to grow and succeed. Our software gives customers visibility into their marketing efforts, so they know what's working and what isn’t.

Mostly small and medium-sized businesses and the marketing agencies that serve them. Many of our customers are entrepreneurs, like us. They’re dentists, lawyers, home service pros, real estate agents, and car dealers. We help them figure out which ads, posts, campaigns, and keywords are worth their time and money.

Together, our products deliver the insights you need to make better decisions about your marketing mix, saving you time, money, and hassle.

  • Call Tracking reveals which marketing efforts inspired your best leads to call.
  • Lead Center lets you call, text, chat, and manage all your team's leads from a single unified inbox.
  • Conversation Intelligence delivers call transcriptions with AI-powered analysis and automatic lead categorization.
  • Form Tracking connects each ad, campaign, and keyword to every form submission.

Call Tracking uses a unique phone number that forwards calls to your main phone number. Your customers dial the new tracking number, we forward the call, and you answer your main phone like you usually do. CallRail gathers statistics, and you can check them online in real-time. Our other products — Lead Center, Conversation Intelligence, and Form Tracking — are built on the foundation of our Call Tracking product.

Yes — for fourteen days. You’re free to try everything we offer before committing to a plan. After your trial, start with Call Tracking then add other products as you need them. If you change your mind about anything, you can cancel any of our products at any time. We’ll miss you, but we won’t take it personally.

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