Automotive agency increases client retention and sales with CallRail

Paxton Automotive Marketing is the country’s leader in direct mail and digital advertising for the automotive industry. They create customized advertising solutions for more than 125 clients across the nation to drive traffic to their websites, generate leads, and increase direct sales. They’ve been using call tracking since they first opened 14 years ago and have always understood how call attribution was essential for both their internal use and proving ROI for clients.

Problem: Integrating with other call tracking providers

Paxton Automotive ran into issues when trying to set up integrations with many of the call tracking providers they used and found that although they could track attribution, the call tracking solutions were not user or client-friendly.

“Every other provider fell short in one way or another, either it wasn’t client user-friendly, they weren’t flexible enough to meet our client’s requests, or they would go bankrupt in a year. The automotive industry is fast paced and always evolving. Paxton is dedicated to staying at the forefront and exceeding industry standards,” said Brittany Ford, Sales Account Executive for Paxton Automotive.

The agency not only wanted a client and user-friendly offering but a call tracking provider that would offer them solutions that stayed up to date with digital marketing trends like mobile marketing and SMS – two features widely used in the rapidly growing auto industry.

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Solution: CallRail

After researching call tracking options that would solve their problems, Paxton Automotive finally landed on CallRail as their call tracking solution.

“We used multiple call tracking services before switching to CallRail. We chose CallRail because it provided us with integrated, client-friendly tools we could capitalize on to serve our clients better than any other firm in the automotive industry,” said Ford.

CallRail has been a crucial reporting tool for the agency and is essential in their internal practices and creation of client campaigns.

“Call tracking allows us to see the real-time, direct response from our campaigns. The data collected from call tracking allows us to stay on top of industry trends so we can provide our clients with cutting-edge campaigns,” said Ford.

SMS Texting for Lead Attribution

Some of the cutting-edge call tracking features Paxton Automotive uses are form submission, acquisition reports, and SMS texting which has transformed the way they send leads to their clients.

“We use CallRail’s SMS feature quite frequently,” recalled Ford. “In our high paced industry text messaging is a large part of our digital campaigns and lead generation from our direct mail campaigns. Not everyone reads their email or answers a phone call but everyone will see a text message.”

With text for their campaigns, their clients can receive sales-ready leads directly to their smartphones. They display the text ready tracking phone numbers on print ads, direct mail campaigns, and client web pages. Being able to quickly respond to leads via text has in turn driven more appointment opportunities and increased foot traffic to their client’s showrooms, which is their ultimate goal.

Results: Increased Client Retention

Being able to quickly prove ROI has been crucial for Paxton Automotive, especially in an industry that runs on calls.

“Our clients want results. They want to see the ROI of their ad spend and CallRail helps us to do that. Internally, we use the analytics of CallRail to determine which campaigns are hot and which aren’t.”

Because they can see which channels are driving calls in real-time, they can quickly make adjustments to ensure they have successful client campaigns. That quick turnaround between the start of campaigns and proving ROI has led to a 20% increase in client retention.

Increased Client Sales

With CallRail, they have an easy way to ensure clients that no opportunity goes unturned. It’s a great way to track where lead opportunities are in the sales pipeline. They’ve also used call recording to assist their client’s in coaching sales teams.

Implementing CallRail call tracking has enabled Paxton Automotive to fill gaps in call attribution, listen to call recordings for lead qualification, and send sales ready leads directly via SMS and Text, allowing them to increase client sales by 15%.

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