Baker Labs Integrates CallRail and HubSpot for 2x’s the Lead Generation

Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Baker Labs is an inbound marketing agency that provides social media and digital marketing strategies from more than 30 companies and organizations with a primary focus on healthcare and medical practices. The agency initially went with call tracking because they wanted insight into which words leads were using over the phone as well as better attribution for their phone calls. Baker Labs took the time to review multiple call tracking solutions before choosing CallRail because of its price and ease of use.

Filling The Tracking Gap

Like many digital agencies, Baker Labs had been using HubSpot to generate leads, manage their lead flow, and close deals. “We were super impressed with [CallRail] and it’s ability to reveal interesting stats about inbound leads that we weren’t capturing before,” said Gavin Baker, Principal at Baker Labs.  “However the biggest downside at the time was CallRail didn’t have an official integration with HubSpot. As a HubSpot partner, it’s crucial for us to bring call tracking into our HubSpot lead reporting. This allows us to have a complete view of which leads we are generating, and when in the buying cycle they are calling. To move call data from CallRail to HubSpot we had been using a Zapier integration, which was good – but not perfect.” They already knew that HubSpot was the perfect solution for managing their lead flow so a call tracking platform that didn’t integrate easily with their CRM wasn’t an option.

Integrating with CallRail

Last year, Gavin logged into his CallRail account and was met with a pleasant surprise – a direct integration with HubSpot.

“I was reviewing CallRail data and noticed that a new integration had been added, HubSpot! In my opinion, HubSpot and CallRail are a match made in heaven for inbound marketers. Both tools provide awesome means for the person or company responsible for marketing to get a 360-degree view of their marketing impact.  If you’re not using either of these tools, you should be.”

Better Lead Generation

After using HubSpot for four years, Baker Labs was finally able to view when calls took place during the lead cycle with the CallRail HubSpot integration. “We use it to bring calls into our HubSpot reporting and contact points and to better track when people called. It gives us a better understanding of what pages leads are on and at what point in their buying cycle they place a call,” said Gavin. Now, they are not only to gain deeper insight into their lead cycle, they’re also able to generate twice as many leads than before. “When implemented with our clients, call tracking has yielded up to 2x’s as many leads since it captures the full picture of lead generation. Beyond that, our clients actually know what page someone is on when they call – that information has allowed us to uncover important insights that have changed the work and more importantly, the results.”

Want to learn more about how you can integrate your call data with HubSpot? Visit our integration page to learn more.