Two ways to power up Call Tracking

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When you’re ready, it’s easy to infuse Call Tracking with next-level insights. Form Tracking collects and connects leads from your website while Conversation Intelligence transcribes calls and uses AI to surface highlights from them.

Call Tracking + Form Tracking


If you spend a lot of time trying to link multiple reports (or if you’ve given up trying), Form Tracking is for you. It combines call data with website form submissions so you have all your lead data seamlessly collected and connected in one place.

Lars Marketing founder Ryan Burt puts it this way. “By adding Form Tracking… I can get my call data and my form data in one place. It’s reducing the amount of time required to compile all of that data together, because there’s one less source to pull data from.”

Call Tracking + Conversation Intelligence


Combining Call Tracking with Conversation Intelligence helped Qshark Moving Company CEO Vlad Kandybovich shorten his business’s QA process by 90%.

Before Conversation Intelligence, Vlad “listened to every call to see if we were handling inquiries correctly... I was spending hours upon hours listening to call recordings. With Conversation Intelligence, I can quickly scan and make sure agents are being polite and giving the right information to customers and leads. It’s way more efficient.”

Although Conversation Intelligence automatically creates transcriptions of your calls, you don’t have to read them. That’s because AI automatically scans them for the keywords and highlights that matter most to your business.

Call Tracking powerups at a glance

Here’s everything you gain by adding Conversation Intelligence and Form Tracking to Call Tracking. Request a demo to experience the difference yourself.

Power Up Included with

Call Tracking

When you add

Conversation Intelligence

When you add

Form Tracking

Communication Call notifications

Inbound call recording

Call scoring

Call forwarding

Call flow builder


Call transcriptions Form builder

Connect existing forms on website

Advanced attribution and analytics Online and offline call tracking

Google Analytics and other integrations

Custom call reporting

  • Call scoring
  • Lead tagging
  • Call highlights
Multi-touch attribution

Form tracking

CPL reporting


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