Build a powerful and versatile call routing experience

Simple and customizable call routing

Create a seamless call routing experience that connects callers with the right team. Our Call Flow Builder gives you the power to create a routing system that takes care of your callers from the moment they’re connected to your tracking number. Include a custom greeting to alert callers that their call is being recorded or to instruct them on how to navigate your call flow.

Add an interactive menu (otherwise known as an IVR menu) that callers can use their telephone keypad to navigate. These types of menus are commonly used to direct callers to the right department or team that can handle a caller’s request.

If you have multiple team members on staff to take calls at the same time, our Simulcall feature routes callers to multiple phones at the same time. The first person who answers the call is connected to the caller. You also have the option to always route a customer to the last agent they spoke with when setting up your Simulcall step.

Build a call flow that empowers your sales team

Connect your callers with the people who are ready and available to help. There are several different ways you can optimize your sales process using our Call Flow Builder.

One of the most popular call flow options is our Round Robin step. This feature assigns call leads to agents in sequential order. This call queuing system allows you to set a specific amount of time that each number in the queue should ring before moving on to the next number. You’ll also have the option to add weighted distributions to each agent or team to set how often calls should be routed to one place over another.

Our Geo-Routing step routes callers according to their area or zip code. We’ll ask your callers where they’re calling from by allowing them to input their area or zip code at the start of the call. Then, we’ll match their information with the destination you designate as the right location for callers from that area. Your customers reach the franchise or team that is best equipped to take care of them.

You also have the option of setting up a Responsive Routing step, which routes callers to specific teams depending on how often they’ve called you, their lead qualification status, or their activity on your website. For example, you may want to route first-time callers to a specific agent, but repeat callers to a different agent. This step is also flexible enough to use the caller’s session on your website to determine where calls should route. It examines campaign parameters like PPC keywords, landing page, and referring source to ensure that callers reach the agent or team specific to their needs.

Support your business operations

Give callers your full attention and allow your reports to take care of themselves. With our Call Scheduling step, you can add business hours to your call flow so customers reach your front desk during the day, and an after-hours number when your business is closed. Create multiple call flows with their own schedules to take care of the callers while you’re away on vacation or closed for the holidays.

For additional insights on how callers navigated a call flow you’ve built, add a call tag step to your call flow. The Tag step automatically categorizes calls based on where they routed. These tags then appear on your call activity log and reports so you know how the call was handled without having to review the recording. One of the most common ways this is used is in conjunction with a Menu step or a Schedule step so you know whether the caller reached the sales team, or if you missed their call after hours. Your callers won’t hear a message or alert about your call tag, so your reports automatically take care of themselves without interrupting your caller’s experience.

You can also setup your own personal voicemail inbox with our Call Flow Builder. This step can be added to the end of any call flow you create so customers can leave you a message when you’re not available. We’ll add each voicemail you receive to your call log and voicemail reports so you can review them at a later time. When you setup your voicemail inbox, you can choose to opt-in to our voicemail transcription service. Our voicemail transcription service is human-powered, giving you quality and accurate transcriptions of each voicemail you receive.