View Call Activity in One Convenient Timeline

Track Visitors' Actions Before, During, and After They Call

Visitor Timeline


Our Visitor Timeline helps you view each step in the call tracking process in one convenient and interactive timeline.

Track a Visitor’s Entire Path

If you’re using our keyword-level call tracking, you can see how visitors navigate your website before they call, what page they were on when they called, and what actions they take on your website after they’ve called.


How It Works

When visitors call the tracking phone number on your website, any action they take on your website, including the call itself, will be tracked. When you view the ‘call details’ surrounding the call, you’ll be able to access all of this information in one convenient timeline.


Deeper Insight into Visitor Behavior

Identify Pages that Deliver Phone Calls

See what pages users are on when they call, giving you a better understanding of what pages and content drive visitors to pick up the phone.

Know What Leads are Looking For

View a caller’s lead status from the visitor timeline. Discover what pages leads visit before and after they’ve called, helping you optimize your site.

Get Deeper Insight into Visitor Behavior

Give your phone calls, recordings, and CallScribe transcriptions context by understanding what website visitors were doing on your site before and after they’ve made a call.

Discover What Users Call About the Most

Quickly discover what services website visitors call about the most, giving you insight into your target market’s needs without the hassle of listening to call recordings or conducting surveys.

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