Webinar: 5 Concepts Every SEO Must Master Before 2018

Dec 7, 2:00pm EST

SEO Training for Marketers of All Levels

Thursday, December 7th at 2:00pm EST

Google’s search algorithms are constantly changing, which means SEO is a moving target. But is it? In this webinar hosted by CallRail’s own SEO guru, Carolyn Lyden, we’ll go over how search engines work, upcoming trends in organic search, how to prepare your SEO strategy (including a local game plan), ways to prove your SEO progress, and, most importantly, how to stop chasing the algorithm. You’ll also get a complimentary SEO strategy template to use for your own planning and optimization goals.

Join us to learn about:

  • How does Google figure out what to show for a search result (and what that means for SEOs)
  • What’s on the horizon in organic search trends (no, SEO isn’t dead)
  • Prepping an SEO strategy for the coming year
  • Tracking SEO progress in a meaningful and measurable way
  • Ways to focus on the user instead of the algorithm

Carolyn Lyden

Starting in social media and writing at a small agency, Carolyn garnered marketing experience in many industries early on including healthcare, law, franchise, and finance. Meanwhile, she earned her MBA at Kennesaw State University to further her knowledge of business. Her love of spreadsheets eventually led her to specialize SEO, and she joined CallRail’s marketing team as the SEO Manager in March 2017.

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