5 Ways to Master (Painless) Employee Management and Training

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Eliminate the archaic process and menial tasks that come with training, managing, and onboarding employees, client, or franchisees. In this webinar, Anna Niles (Product Marketing Manager), will share tactics to simplify and automate administrative setup, reporting, integration configuration, and more, allowing you to reach your goals more efficiently.

In this webinar you will learn::

  • How to easily create custom call flows or add to existing call flows for a seamless onboarding experience
  • Enhanced insights into employee and campaign performance, at-a-glance
  • Proven shadowing techniques that won’t waste everyone’s time
  • Integrating integrations
  • Post-training: measuring success
Anna Niles at CallRail

Anna Niles

Anna Niles earned her Journalism degree from Georgia State University. With a major in PR and a minor in Psychology, she is always investigating ways to improve the experience of customers, based on frequent human behavior.

Anna originally began her career in advertising as a project manager. After jumping head-first into the start-up SaaS world in 2015, she’s never looked back. Utilizing her hybrid background in project management and service-based technology, Anna works alongside product and marketing on the Product Marketing team.

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