Multi-Touch Cost per Lead Report

Put a Pricetag on Phone Calls

How much are you spending to generate inbound phone calls? Instead of pulling dozens of CSVs and strong-arming pivot tables, you can view your Cost Per Lead data right in CallRail.

Use our Multi-Touch CPL report to tie inbound call, text, and form data to ad spend data from Bing Ads, Facebook, and Google Ads, with ad cost data from each platform available right in CallRail.

Existing reporting options to prove ROI require time-intensive — and often inaccurate — cross-platform analysis, inevitably leading to failed optimization of marketing campaigns. But if you’re looking to generate more phone calls, you no longer need to Frankenstein your reports. Get the insights you need in CallRail’s reporting dashboard, helping you to reduce spend on high-cost, low-lead campaigns and allocate those resources to more effective ones.

Your ad spend, seen in your attribution model of choice

You can calculate cost per lead based on five attribution models in the CallRail app: First-touch, Last-touch, 50/50, W-shaped, and Qualified.

Each model attributes lead credit to different milestones in the sales funnel, so you can see which ads drive which kinds of touchpoints and compare it to the cost of the ad. Choosing different attribution models will change your cost per lead total based on how that model weighs each milestone.

By attaining solid CPL data, you can spend marketing dollars wiser, reducing client churn and instilling confidence in the effectivity of your work.

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