Learn which keywords and ad extensions are driving mobile call conversions

Our Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call extension tracks call conversions from your mobile click-to-call extensions and call-only ads, and reports which PPC keywords drove the conversion to Google Ads.

What are mobile click-to-call ad extensions and a call-only ads?

The integration tracks two types of Google search ads: call-only ads, which appear on mobile devices and automatically dial your business number when clicked, instead of taking the user to your website; and mobile click-to-call extensions, which show up at the bottom of normal search ads.

While these call extensions also automatically dial your number when clicked, they also allow the user to click on the ad to visit your website. Both of the ads only show up on call-enabled devices, such as mobile phones.

Integrating CallRail and Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call

As more and more search traffic moves to mobile, click-to-call ads have become an extremely effective way to drive leads. While Google tools do a good job monitoring which keywords, ads, and extensions create clicks, they lack the robust call attribution capabilities offered by CallRail.

Through CallRail's Google Ads Click-to-Call integration, you'll have access to the following call data:

  • Phone call duration report
  • Full caller ID
  • Lifetime ownership of your call tracking phone numbers
  • Keyword click and call results for your call extensions
  • Search term attribution and conversion tracking
  • Call recording for lead qualification
  • View calls manually dialed to the number assigned to your click-to-call campaign

By folding this call data into Google Ads, our integration proves which keywords and PPC ads are driving calls. Paired with CallRail's automatic call qualification tools, you can optimize your search campaigns based on what keywords, call extensions, and text ads are driving the highest-quality calls.

Troubleshooting your integration? See our support article for help.