Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call Integration


Keyword Data for Your Google Mobile Click-to-Call Ads

Google’s reaction to the influx of mobile-focused consumers has been to release campaign features like mobile click-to-call and call only ads designed for search marketers to reach consumers even when they are on the go.

But one factor missing in this picture is an understanding of which keywords drove the clicks that ultimately led to a call, leaving search marketers with an integral piece of the puzzle they can’t fill. CallRail’s Mobile Click-to-Call Integration fills in this missing piece, showing you the keyword data needed to optimize and improve your Google Ads call extension campaigns.

CallRail’s Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call Integration Features:

  • Phone call duration report
  • Full caller ID
  • Lifetime ownership of your phone numbers
  • Keyword click and call results
  • Search term attribution
  • Call recording for lead qualification
  • View calls manually dialed to the number assigned to your click-to-call campaign

Our integration is easy to set up, so you can start getting keyword data quickly and optimize your campaigns based on the keywords that are actually driving calls.

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