Meaningful insights without complexity

Create unique phone numbers for individual campaigns

Source-level call tracking is the simplest way to get started with CallRail. It allows you to use a single, unique tracking phone number for each marketing campaign you want to measure. For example, if you want to track calls from three different campaigns, you’d create three tracking numbers, one for each source, and forward each number to your main business phone number.


With source-level tracking, you can track online sources such as Google PPC, Microsoft PPC, web referrals, and landing pages. You can also track offline sources such as direct mail, print ads, and billboards.

Get caller ID details and a complete caller history

You’ll receive information about the name of the tracking number that received the call, the tracking number that received the call, and the caller’s caller ID information. You’ll also have access to a visitor timeline that includes inbound and outbound calls associated with each of your callers.