Dynamic Number Insertion

Add call tracking to your website in minutes

CallRail quickly integrates call tracking into your website by using a unique phone number for each source, such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Yelp, Facebook, or any other website. The correct tracking number shows everywhere a phone number appears on your site once someone visits your site from a source you’re tracking. Once the visitor calls you, we’ll feed their call details into your call log and reports.

Your website visitor will see the same tracking phone number each time they come to your website in the future. This ensures there’s no confusion if they’re visiting your site from a different source than they did the first time.

We do this by placing a cookie on their browser that recognizes them when they return, showing them the same local or toll-free tracking phone number they saw the first time.

Installing dynamic number insertion

Dynamic number insertion takes only a few minutes to install. Here’s a brief overview of how to get started:

  1. Add our code snippet for dynamic number insertion to your website’s HTML or Google Tag Manager. We also have plugins for WordPress and Wix sites.
  2. Create tracking numbers for online visitors.
  3. When a visitor arrives on your website, we’ll detect their source and automatically show the visitor the correct tracking number so you can correlate their call with the right marketing campaign. Once your script is added to your website, you’re ready to start tracking calls from your online campaigns.

Show the right number to visitors according to their location

Give your business a local presence by replacing the phone number on your website to match the area code of your customer. With CallRail’s Local Swap feature, we’ll detect the geographic location of your website visitor, and show them a telephone number for the branch of your business that’s closest to them. Each time they return to your site, they’ll see the same phone number with the area code specific to them, instilling confidence that they’re reaching a business in their neighborhood.

Local Swap is simple to turn on right as you configure your dynamic number insertion settings. Turn it on and choose your respective area codes based on your marketing campaigns.