Get visibility into high-quality leads

Two illustrated mobile phones with text messages displayed on each.

Never miss a lead again

Be prepared to respond to every inbound lead with instant call notifications. These notifications detail valuable information about callers reaching out to your business, including their name and the campaign that brought them to you. These real-time alerts can be setup as email notifications, browser notifications, or push notifications delivered to your cell phone through CallRail’s mobile app.


Customized to keep you focused on your customer

Each notification provides immediate context about the person contacting your business so you know exactly who called and how they found you. Each email includes your customer’s caller ID information, marketing source, their call recording, and a link to the call in your call log. You’ll also see their lead status if you’re using our Conversation Intelligence features, as well as their session information (like the PPC keyword the caller used to find you online) if you’re using visitor-level tracking.

You can also customize the type of notifications you receive if you prefer to only know about specific types of calls. This includes notifications for first-time callers, missed calls, voicemails, or calls we’ve detected as qualified leads if you’re using CallScore.


Keep your entire team informed

Everyone with access to your account can have their own set of call notifications to stay up-to-date with inbound calls. Each CallRail pricing plan includes an unlimited number of notifications for any team member in your account.