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Call Tracking Everywhere

Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords.

Record Phone Calls

Call recording makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service. Easily review and annotate your phone calls.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Automatically show your tracking phone number to the right audience. Capture the full visitor journey before and after the call.

Agency Call Tracking

Manage multiple companies, locations, or clients from one account. CallRail helps you prove ROI to your clients. Perfect for agencies.

Setup Numbers Instantly

You can configure a new call tracking number in less than a minute. Our call flow builder helps create custom call routing for your business.

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We're confident that CallRail will help you increase sales, optimize advertising, and improve service. Try CallRail free for 14 days.

With CallRail we were able to not only prove that we were driving qualified leads to the client, but also show the client how to improve how sales staff and receptionists answered questions related to services. - Tony Lael, Fannit

We’ve used CallRail for a large number of our clients. Using CallRail to measure call conversions is a no brainer. - Dev Basu, Powered by Search

Thanks to CallRail, we're able to track all of the phone calls generated by our SEO and Internet Marketing efforts, for our clients as well as our own company. I can't imagine going back to tracking a campaign's conversions without the use of call tracking! - Kristine Wilson,

Visitor & Keyword Call Tracking

Our call tracking software can reveal which campaigns, websites, and search keywords are driving phone call conversions. With visitor timelines, you can see your customer's journey through your website. Call conversion data feeds directly into Google Analytics and even optimizes your AdWords call tracking campaigns so you can track phone calls as conversions.

How Keyword Call Tracking Works

Dynamic Website Call Tracking

Create one tracking phone number per marketing campaign, and use CallRail's dynamic number insertion to easily display a campaign-specific tracking phone number to each visitor on your website. With our real-time reporting, you can be notified instantly when you receive a call, and see which campaigns deliver the highest ROI.

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Static & Offline Call Tracking

Make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring. Measure the phone leads you receive from your offline marketing efforts, including direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, and printed brochures. Learn more about your customers and your campaigns so you can be even more effective and close more sales.

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Get Real Time In-Depth Caller Context

View in-depth, contextual details about who's calling by information gathered from connected email accounts, advertising campaigns, call logs, and premium caller ID databases, through our real-time inbound call dashboard.

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