How to Get Started with Website Visitor Tracking

Get visibility into the specific ads, campaigns, or search terms that drove leads to your website and prompted them to call— giving you even richer data to inform your marketing spend.

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Source Tracking vs. Visitor Tracking

Source tracking helps you understand where your leads are coming from, while visitor tracking helps you understand how those leads interacted with your website before contacting you. To get the most out of call tracking, it is important to have both set up.

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Step 1: Create a Website Pool

A website pool is a group of phone numbers (most have 4) that dynamically rotate to ensure each visitor to your site can be identified as a unique lead.

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Step 2: Install our Tracking Code

To start tracking online leads, you must install CallRail's tracking code. You can copy/paste the tracking code onto your website, use Google Tag Manager, or you can email instructions to someone else.

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