[Webinar] Learn  How to Track Calls   Like Clicks for Better   Client Results

If your agency is only tracking online conversions on your landing pages—well, then you’re missing out on a ton of valuable marketing data. 

Unbounce and CallRail are joining forces with Workshop Digital for an exclusive webinar that’ll show you how to tap into your phone leads and deliver better conversion rates for your clients.


Meet Rachel, Ty & Andrew!

In the webinar, you’ll hear from experts like Rachel Ward, Partner Marketing Manager at CallRail, Tyrone Lingley, Director of Partnerships at Unbounce, and Andrew Miller, Co-Founder of Workshop Digital.


Track Every Call - There will always be leads who prefer to pick up the phone. Learn how to track these conversions and use ‘em to inform your A/B Testing.

Set Up Dynamic Numbers - Make sure every lead gets routed for a seamless response. Dynamically change your phone numbers with an exclusive landing page script.

Track SMS Texts Too - Some people (*cough* Gen Z *cough*) would rather text than call a phone number. Learn how to make this more convenient, and track these texts too.

What You’ll Learn in 45 Minutes

Set Up Dynamic Phone Numbers on Your Landing Pages

With dynamic phone numbers, you call the shots. Set them up to automatically track visitors and change up the digits based on location or time of day.

Book your spot for this free webinar on Wednesday, July 31st at 10 a.m. PST. You’ll get step-by-step instructions and custom coding you can use to really make that hotline bling.

Rachel Ward

Partner Marketing Manager, CallRail

Tyrone Lingley

Director of Partnerships, Unbounce

Andrew Miller

Co-Founder, Workshop Digital