Readable Call Transcriptions for Quicker Conversation Insights

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Speaker-Organized, Visual Phone Calls

Part of CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence, CallScribe automatically transcribes your conversations to document everything that was said on a phone call. Quickly review call details in real-time without ever listening to a recording.

Drill down into transcribed conversations for insights into agent performance, and to identify trends in conversations. Fully automated, visual call transcriptions are the fastest and easiest way to analyze conversations.

CallScribe Call Transcriptions

Messages at a Glance

Transcripts can be read much quicker than a call can be listened to. With call transcriptions available within real-time email alerts, you can use Conversation Intelligence to rapidly find the most meaningful part of a phone call, or to browse conversations for specific keywords. Gain a better understanding of how your agents are converting callers, and where you can improve phone conversations for better customer service.

Call Transcripts in Email Alerts

CallRail’s CallScribe allows you to:

  • Review calls quickly with fully automated, real-time call transcriptions.
  • Examine conversations with speaker-organized, visual phone calls.
  • Improve your agent’s’ conversation performance, and close more leads.
  • Understand the value of a phone call instantly.

CallScribe is currently only available for conversations spoken in English. Interested in learning more about CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence? Contact our sales team today.

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