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Fully Automated Phone Call Lead Scoring

Powered by Conversation Intelligence, CallRail’s CallScore instantly qualifies and classifies your phone calls to distinguish which of them are sales-ready. Once these valuable callers have been recognized, good leads will populate as a percentage of total callers in CallRail’s powerful Lead Funnel Report.

CallScore works in real time, meaning you’ll know if a phone call was a good lead within minutes. You’ll be able to view lead classifications in your call alert emails, with the option to send good leads to third-party integrations. CallScore is included with every CallRail account, helping you optimize your marketing campaigns and improve top-line revenue growth.

CallScore's Automated Lead Classification

Visual Call Recordings

CallRail’s visual dual-waveform call recordings show which party was speaking during each part of the recording, giving you valuable insights into the quality of your phone calls. Unlock previously unavailable call data, and instantly see which phone calls are meaningful.

With CallScore’s waveform visualization technology, you can gain valuable information about the average time it takes for customers to reach agents; whether a call was answered; if an agent or prospect is speaking and for how long.

Visual Call Recordings

CallScore allows you to:

  • Save time by eliminating manual call listening and lead scoring.
  • Recognize high-quality sales leads sooner and follow up faster.
  • Identify which of your marketing campaigns are generating the most high quality leads with our automated Lead Funnel Report.
  • Prove your marketing drives values with details about the quality of inbound calls.

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