Streamline your call performance data with Databox

By integrating CallRail with Databox, you’ll see the bigger picture of how our analytics fit into your business’s overall performance. Mix and match metrics from different sources into one Databoard for a more complete view of your performance at a glance.

Save time and improve marketing campaign performance

Custom dashboards make data easy to configure and visualize while viewing data from multiple sources. Integrating with CallRail will automate your reporting with live dashboards, scorecards and alerts, so you can predictably improve your company’s performance.

Track important KPIs from CallRail like:

  • Total calls by source
  • Missed calls by source
  • Answered calls
  • First time callers
  • Answered calls duration
  • Total calls by keyword
  • Calls by landing page
  • Leads
  • Leads by source
  • Form submissions