Remove the mystery from qualifying leads

Our Conversation Intelligence engine powers CallScore, CallScribe, Keyword Spotting, and Call Highlights. We’ll automatically qualify phone leads on your behalf so you can focus on your customers. Using machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, our powerful conversation analytics features take the guesswork out of qualifying leads. Spend less time manually scoring your calls and understand the quality of a call without even listening to a recording.

Qualify and score calls automatically with CallScore

CallScore utilizes our automated conversation intelligence technology to qualify and score calls as soon as they end. Our specialized conversation intelligence engine discovers the marketing campaigns bringing the most valuable leads so you can understand how your inbound calls turn into appointments, opportunities, and sales.


Read call transcriptions using CallScribe

Gather the context of any call without reviewing the call’s recording. CallScribe automatically transcribes calls and finds keywords, giving you additional context about your phone call leads. Search all calls from any campaign, PPC search keyword, or geographic location for the words that matter to your business.


Use Keyword Spotting to target specific words in your calls

Keyword Spotting utilizes transcripts from CallScribe to instantly identify custom keywords and categorize calls for automated, detailed analyses of conversations. After the criteria and keywords associated with leads and customers are identified, CallScribe will automatically tag relevant calls. Seamlessly integrate spotted keywords with analytics platforms for deeper insights.

Call Highlights automatically and intelligently present meaningful and relevant keywords and phrases that aren’t setup in Keyword Spotting. You’ll gather actionable and topical insights to better target future customers without listening to each of your phone calls individually. Call Highlights closes the keyword gap, revealing hidden opportunities for improved Keyword Spotting analysis and automated lead categorization.