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Track all touchpoints within the client journey to understand which marketing channels prompt leads to call your firm.

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Marketing Analytics

Discover your most effective marketing campaigns

Identify which online and offline advertisements bring the most value to your business, including the PPC keywords that generate quality phone calls.

Visitor level tracking

Dynamic Number Insertion

CallRail dynamically changes the phone number displayed on your website based on the click source, whether it be Google Ads, Yahoo Organic, Yelp, Facebook, or any other website.

Included UsageEssentialsAdvanced
Local Numbers1025
Local Minutes5002,000
Text Messages100500
Additional UsageEssentialsAdvanced
Toll-free Numbers$5 ea.$4.50 ea.
Toll-free Minutes$0.08 ea.$0.055 ea.
Local Numbers$3 ea.$2.50 ea.
Local Minutes$0.05 ea.$0.04 ea.
Text Messages$0.016 ea.$0.01 ea.
Offline call tracking
Online call tracking
Dynamic number insertion (DNI)
Keyword-level attribution
Localized DNI
Out-of-the-box reporting
Email summary reports
Custom reporting engine
Analyze your calls withEssentialsAdvanced
Call recording
Keypad scoring
Text message scoring
CallScribe with keyword spotting and Call Highlights$0.025 per minute$0.025 per minute
Efficiently route your callsEssentialsAdvanced
Call forwarding
Email notifications
Standard call flow builder
Mobile app
Custom agent setup
Advanced call flow steps$15 per company$15 per company
Browser-based softphone$10 per company$10 per company
Google Analytics
Google Ads
Bing Ads
Wordpress plugin
AMP plugin
Google Data Studio
Google Ads Mobile Click-to-Call
Pipeline Deals
API & webhooks
SalesforceContact Sales
MarketoContact Sales
Optimizely XContact Sales
MarinContact Sales
KenshooContact Sales
Customer SupportEssentialsAdvanced
Help Center
CallRail Community Forum