Get Virtual Phone Numbers Instantly

We have thousands of virtual tracking phone numbers throughout the US and Canada.

Local Tracking Phone Numbers

Local call tracking numbers ensure your customers and leads know where your business resides. Whether you need tracking phone numbers in your hometown or in another state, we offer phone numbers in more than 300 area codes in the USA and Canada.

Toll-Free Tracking Phone Numbers: 888, 877, 866

Our toll-free phone numbers will help you project a national image to your customers, without burdening them with long-distance fees. We have thousands of toll-free 888, 877, and 866 phone numbers you can use to better track your customers nationwide

Instant Tracking Phone Number Setup

When you’re setting up a new marketing campaign, you can’t wait days for your tracking phone number to go live. With CallRail, you can choose a unique phone number to track in your online dashboard and feel good knowing it’s ready for calls instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did we miss your question? Call us. We’re happy to help.

How long does it take to activate my phone number?
When you purchase a phone number to track through CallRail, that phone number is ready immediately.
How do you ensure that your numbers are “clean”?
Our carrier partners age their inventory of phone numbers to ensure that they’re not receiving a high volume of calls. Then, CallRail moves the phone numbers into a private inventory and applies an even stricter standard. Phone numbers that receive unwanted calls are released and not made available to customers.
How long does it take to port a phone number into CallRail?
The porting process is federally regulated and typically takes 4-6 weeks, though sometimes it’s much quicker. Your phone number will remain active throughout the entire process. The switchover is instant and seamless.
Can I port a phone number away from CallRail?
That would make us quite sad, but yes, you can port a phone number away from CallRail to any other provider. Your new provider will facilitate that process, but our support team is available to help too.
Can I purchase vanity phone numbers?
We don’t offer vanity phone numbers directly, but we can point you to third-party vanity phone number providers with an extensive inventory of numbers. If you purchase a phone number through a third party, we’ll help you port it in.
Do you support international phone numbers?
At this time we only offer phone numbers for tracking in the USA and Canada.
Should I buy a local number or toll-free number?
That’s your call. Local call tracking numbers project a local image, and they’re a bit less expensive. Toll-free numbers project a national image. While very few people still pay for long-distance fees, if they do, they won’t be charged long distance when calling a toll-free number.

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