Time to First Call Report

Insights into When Website Visitors Call Your Business

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Understand your sales cycle

The Time to First Call report provides the amount of time a caller was browsing your website before calling your business via one of your CallRail tracking numbers. This report is available at the company level for organizations utilizing keyword level tracking, and provides useful data about how long it takes website visitors to pick up the phone. Cater your marketing and sales strategies based on the length of time between your website visits to phone call conversions.

Time to First Call Report

Meaningful call conversion data

Organizing call data by the time to first call helps you better understand your sales cycle, and how long it takes website visitors to convert. Select a time range to view a breakdown of the callers within that specific time period, including marketing source and lead status. View the amount of first time callers as a percentage of total calls in each time range, as well as total call duration and average call length.

Time to First Call Report

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