Integration Triggers

Report Calls Based on Number, Type, Tag and Duration

Custom Conversion Criteria

Filter Calls for More Accurate Reporting

Our custom Integration Triggers allow you to only report valid leads to outside systems, like Marketo and Google Analytics, by defining your own set standards for conversions.

The leads you want to send to your CRM may be different than those you need pushed to marketing automation tools or Google Ads (formerly AdWords). You’ll be able to set reporting customizations at the integration level, by phone number, call type, duration or tag.


Focus Your Lead Generation on Valuable Calls

Filtering calls by lead status gives you the opportunity to only report productive conversations as conversions. You’ll be able to only send calls to third-party analytics tools if Conversation Intelligence recognizes it as a good lead. Control your call data, and customize your integrations to fit your needs.


All of your phone calls, including those that don’t meet the custom thresholds, will be available in the web dashboard and will also be reported via the webhooks and the API. Calls reported via the webhooks and the API include call length, type, tag, and lead status data, so you can easily filter the calls in your own system.

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