Conversation Intelligence

Automatic Qualification for Inbound Phone Leads

Is this a good lead? We analyze calls for you to
automatically identify good leads

CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence Engine powers CallScore and CallScribe with Keyword Spotting.

CallRail’s conversation intelligence technology makes it easy to qualify phone leads, letting you focus on what’s really converting. Using machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, CallRail’s powerful conversation analytics takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads. Spend less time manually scoring your calls and understand the quality of a call without even having to listen to a recording.

CallScore takes the listening out of scoring phone leads

CallScore utilizes our automated conversation intelligence technology to qualify and scores call instantly. Using call transcriptions, machine learning, and call metadata you can quickly discover which marketing campaigns are creating the most valuable leads, and understand how your inbound calls turn into appointments, opportunities, and sales.

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CallScribe lets you search conversations for the keywords you care about in an automated and scalable way

CallScribe uses CallRail’s conversation intelligence engine to automatically transcribe calls and find keywords, giving you additional context about your phone call leads. Search all calls from any campaign, PPC search keyword, or geographic location for the words that matter to your business.

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Use keyword spotting to instantly categorize and score calls

CallScribe automatically transcribes your telephone conversations into searchable, speaker-organized transcriptions. Armed with keyword spotting, CallScribe instantly identifies keywords and categorizes calls for automated, detailed analyses of your conversations.

After you identify the criteria and keywords associated with leads and customers, CallScribe will automatically tag relevant calls. CallScribe can help determine whether a call resulted in a conversion along with any products/services purchased by that customer, and then sync that data directly to your analytics platform.

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