CallRail Copilot

Real-Time Phone Call Tracking with In-Depth Caller Context

CallRail Copilot

Get In-Depth Caller Information in Your Caller Timeline

CallRail Copilot provides relevant, contextual information about callers before you answer the phone. Accessing this information makes this real-time phone tracking tool perfect for sales and support teams that rely on inbound calls for new sales and superior customer service. Copilot shows you in-depth caller information as the call happens, including status of calls, call recordings, and the caller’s previous web and call activity. You’ll also have access to CallRail’s premium caller ID information, and data from third-party software integrated with CallRail. Your customers won’t have to repeat their questions to your team, or explain what has been done previously to address their needs. This same information allows your sales and service staff to suggest alternative solutions or additional purchases that may be appropriate for that customer.    

Get Real Time Call Monitoring and Management with Enterprise-Level Call Center Functionality

Status of callers

Status of Callers

See the status of callers in your personal real time call monitoring center, including those that are currently calling, callers that are actively speaking with a representative, and previous callers that have recently called.

Interact with callers by selecting their caller ID to view any available and contextual information about them. You can return a call received by one of your tracking numbers by simply clicking “Return Call,” or place and track arbitrary outbound calls from a caller’s timeline.

Visitor Timeline

Visitor Timeline

View a timeline of your caller’s previous activity, including the sources of their calls and web sessions if you use keyword-level call tracking. The information on the timeline includes any prior calls from the customer, recordings of calls, web sessions (only available for keyword-level tracking numbers), and the source of the visitor’s interaction including landing page URLs and referring URLs (only available for keyword-level tracking numbers).

Web search

Web Search

Access online search results associated with each caller’s phone number, including any web listings that contain the caller’s telephone number. This provides context into which features they may need, what businesses they’re associated with, and why they may be calling.

More integrations

Integrate Your Data

Copilot gathers caller information from third-party integrations, includingFullStory, HubSpot, Optimizely and PipelineDeals. CallRail also integrates with your Gmail account, so you can see any previous email correspondence you’ve had with a caller whose phone number was included in their emails.

To learn more about our real time call tracking feature, Copilot, visit our knowledge base , contact our customer support team , or please call (888) 939-4675 for more information.
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