Call Reports with Custom Views

Easily find and compare call data in real-time

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CallRail’s intuitive filter functionality makes your call data easy to navigate and understand. Focus on your most valuable phone calls to gain deeper insights.

Deliver the call analytics that matter most.

Understand what marketing works with an informative snapshot of your phone calls. Filter calls by lead status, custom call tags, or call duration for a clearer picture of your phone conversations. Compare calls to check performance across two distinct date ranges.

Apply filters to either CallRail’s activity dashboard or powerful reports for clear, insightful data in real-time. Implement multiple call filters at once to truly pinpoint the actionable phone calls important to your business.

Saved filters for quick, simple call reports

Need an easy way to know exactly what’s happening with specific call types, agents or campaigns? Organize and save your favorite filters for a seamless call management experience.

Screenshot of reporting filters within CallRail


CallRail’s saved filters for dashboards and call reports makes dissecting phone call data uncomplicated.

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