Call Recording for Your Business

Use our Call Recording Software to Assist with Coaching Staff & Qualifying Leads

Call Recordings


Record Phone Calls for Valuable Feedback

The ability to record sales calls and other business-related calls gives companies access to an abundance of opportunity. Not only does this feature provide you with insights to improve your marketing strategies, it also helps you train your employees to follow your company standards. The feedback, questions, answers, and details you gain when recording phone conversations are worthwhile and relevant because they are real-life occurrences within your business. Using a call recording application is a great way to:
    • Qualify leads so you can spend more time on those likely to convert to sales.
    • Assess the quality of campaigns so you know where to invest time and money.
    • Provide feedback to your sales reps after listening to sales call recordings.
    • Evaluate service levels by recording customer service calls to ensure your customers receive excellent support.
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Record Inbound Calls

Just check a box when you create a new tracking number to record all of your incoming phone conversations. You must keep your business compliant with any applicable local, state, and federal call recording regulations. To assist in compliance with these laws, you can configure a pre-call voice announcement (for example,”This call may be monitored for quality and training”). Use this feature for sales call recording, customer service call recording, and more to analyze different ways your teams can improve communications to help increase conversions and keep customers happy.   How to Enable Call Recording  

Record Outbound Calls

When placing an outbound call with one of your tracking numbers, you’ll select “Record Call” from the outbound calling portal. Once the call has ended, the recording will be available in your CallRail dashboard, as well as in the email notifications you receive after each call. Screen-Shot-2016-08-12-at-7.11.24-AM-768x436  

Stay on Top of Everything When You Record Calls

It doesn’t matter if it’s marketing or sales dollars, every dollar put into your business is important. Use our business call recording feature to ensure you’re spending your money wisely on your marketing campaigns and the training your employees need to be successful.

Call Recording Laws

There are different laws that apply to call recording, so check your current State and Federal laws before using this feature. Some states require both parties to consent to record phone conversations, while other states require only one party to consent to the recording. To assist in the compliance of these laws, CallRail allows you to enable an automated verbal announcement to parties on a call.