Call Intelligence

Automate Your Call Analytics Experience

CallRail’s call intelligence technology makes it easy to qualify phone leads, letting you focus on what’s really converting. Using duration reporting, machine learning, call metadata, and transcriptions, CallRail’s call intelligence takes the guesswork out of qualifying leads.

Call Flow Builder

Easily build call flows to route every call to the right person, every time. You’ll have options to set up call flows including scheduling your calls to route based on day and time, menu options that will allow you to send calls to the right person based on the number the caller dials, and automated routing that works best for your business.

Conversion Reporting by Duration

Reporting calls by duration gives you the opportunity to only report productive conversations as conversions. You’ll also be able to choose calls that report to third-party analytics tools if the call exceeds a certain length. You can filter phone call conversions based on the length of the call by setting up minimum conversion requirements associated with each company in your account. Only phone calls that meet the conversion requirements will be reported to third-party analytics services.

Conversation Intelligence

Spend less time manually scoring your calls and understand the quality of a call without even having to listen to a recording.

  • CallScore: CallScore takes your call data to the next level. Users have the ability to choose the type of calls they want classified, allowing CallRail to automatically mark a call as a good lead upon its completion.
  • Call Transcriptions: Call Transcriptions gives you the ability to read your conversations from the call details page for calls made to a tracking phone number. Transcriptions are split up between caller and agent, so you know which text represents each person in the conversation.

Recognize high-quality sales leads and shorten your response time with Call Intelligence. Still have questions about CallRail’s Call Intelligence? Contact our sales team today.

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