Advanced Reporting

Get a Deeper Analysis of Call Data

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With our Advanced Reporting, it’s easy to analyze your call data by source, page, keyword, day, and more. You can view multiple reports, based on the type of call tracking you decide to use.

Types of reports

Source-Level and Keyword-Level

  • Calls by Day and Time
    Receive a report based on the day and time of calls received.
  • Calls by Source
    Provides the sources and interactions that are driving traffic and generating calls to your business.
  • Voicemail
    Provides caller ID information and voicemail transcriptions for calls received by your CallRail tracking numbers.
  • Unique Callers
    Breaks down the unique calls received by your tracking numbers according to the caller’s information and phone call sessions within a specified date range.


  • Time to First Call
    View the amount of time a caller was browsing your website before calling your business.
  • Calls by Keyword
    Provides a tiered breakdown of the keyword queries that are coming through your CPC campaigns.
  • Calls by Landing Page
    Represents the first page that the caller ever visited when navigating to your website.
  • Calls by Active Page
    Represents the last page a caller visited before placing a call.


Calls by Keyword

Custom Reports

You can also create custom reports containing calls that fit your criteria by creating a spreadsheet through CallRail and downloading a CSV. This feature allows you to open the CSV in Excel so you can manipulate the data to share. Learn more.

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