Webinar: Using Phone Calls to Drive Content Marketing

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One of content marketing’s biggest questions is, “What content should we produce to create a meaningful experience for our audience?” Join CallRail UX Content Manager, Katherine Hosmer, for a look into how you can use phone calls to make content decisions!

This webinar will discuss:

  • How to use data in your phone calls to make informed content decisions
  • How to understand customer concerns using phone calls
  • How to automate phone call data

Katherine Hosmer

Katherine earned her English degree from Kennesaw State University. Her concentration in Professional Writing allows her to exercise her passion for composition, problem-solving, and customer success.Katherine originally began her career with CallRail as a Client Support Specialist, and now serves as CallRail’s UX Content Manager. She joined the world of technology because of the exciting and innovative culture that technology offers. Outside of work, you can find Katherine knee-deep in a Jack Kerouac novel, or chasing her oversized mutt around hiking trails and the local dog park.

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