Webinar: Improve Client Retention with Multi-Touch Attribution

Webinar: Improve Client Retention with Multi-Touch Attribution

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Marketing agencies lose clients every day because they’re unable to communicate the full picture of their work and the impact it’s having on their clients’ business. (After all, clients don’t fire agencies that they believe are delivering solid ROI.) Client retention hinges on your agency being able to clearly and effectively show ROI on ad spend. Multi-touch attribution is the missing component in your client retention strategy.

In this webinar Mark Sullivan, Director of Demand Generation at CallRail, and Greg Sterling, VP of Strategy at LSA, on what works with Multi-Touch Attribution, what doesn’t, and how to begin using Multi-Touch Attribution to retain clients longer.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The current challenges with traditional attribution and why multi-touch attribution matters
  • The state of multi-touch attribution, and why major ad platforms are an obstacle
  • Why agencies that use multi-touch attribution retain clients longer
  • How to use multi-touch attribution data at your agency for meaningful results
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