Transform your Sales and Marketing with CallRail + HubSpot

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Join Madelyn Newman (Sr. Product Marketing Manager) to learn how you can use CallRail’s HubSpot integration to solve five of the most common sales and marketing problems.

In this webinar, we’ll reveal how you can use call data inside of HubSpot to help drive more leads – and convert more too!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Discover which campaigns are driving phone calls for more accurate reporting.
  • Create efficient workflows so your reps can spend more time selling.
  • Accelerate handover by automatically sending qualified phone call leads to HubSpot.
  • Nurture your HubSpot leads more effectively with call data. Segment and score leads based on calls and texts.
Madelyn at CallRail

Madelyn Newman

Madelyn Newman is an Atlanta-based product marketer at CallRail. With a background including social media marketing, customer success, and go-to-market planning, she is passionate about anything that can help data-driven marketers discover great technology products.

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