Customer Spotlight: Paracore

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By speaking directly with some of CallRail’s most active users, we glean valuable insights both into how our users are putting our service to work, as well as the best practices that have helped them deliver superior results for them and their clients.

This webinar will discuss::

  • How Paracore has used CallRail to improve their marketing campaigns, gain more leads and conversions for their clients, and definitively prove the value of their services
  • How the data and insights gleaned from call tracking can not only earn a better ROI for your advertising dollars, but also make your business more efficient to boot
  • How Paracore maximizes the power of call tracking by using CallRail data alongside their other marketing analytics

Michael Saba

Michael is a writer, editor, and videographer who lives and works in Atlanta. Outside of CallRail, he reports on ATL’s local gaming scene and self-publishes video essays on YouTube about every pop-culture topic under the sun.

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