CallRail Referral Program

Refer friends and you'll each get a reward

Earn CallRail credits - and help your friends start saving - by referring new accounts to CallRail. With our referral program, you'll each earn CallRail account credit when your referral signs up for a paid CallRail account -- $50 for Starter accounts, $150 for Pro and Elite.

Login to get your referral code

After you login, go to the Account dropdown and select Manage

Under Manage, select Referrals from the dropdown

Input emails to invite others with your unique referral code

When they receive their fourth invoice, you both earn CallRail Credits

Rules and Restrictions

  • Only paying CallRail customers can participate in the CallRail Referral Program.
  • The referral account must become a paying CallRail customer and remain in good standing for 90 days.
  • Account credit will be applied automatically to your CallRail account, reducing the amount owed on your montly invoice.
  • See full Referral Program Terms of Service.
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