Atlanta, GA, October 18, 2016 – CallRail, the world’s most popular call analytics technology provider, has released Conversation Intelligence. Conversation Intelligence is a proprietary machine-learning technology used to automatically qualify phone call leads and display call visualizations that provide marketers with additional information about a specific call. Available to all CallRail customers as part of their standard service, Conversation Intelligence brings previously unavailable insights to every business, large or small, that is looking to gain more information about their calls and ultimately, their customers.

Conversation Intelligence makes it easier for marketers and sales teams across all industries to understand how inbound calls turn into appointments, opportunities and sales. Through algorithms built from analyzing hundreds of thousands of calls and machine learning, the level of data and insights Conversation Intelligence provides saves CallRail users time by qualifying a call to determine if it is likely to convert into an opportunity or not without listening to the audio.

“Since CallRail’s inception, we have been dedicated to making the most powerful call tracking technology available to every business,” said Andy Powell, CallRail’s Co-founder and CEO. “By integrating Conversation Intelligence into CallRail’s base offering, we’re taking the next step by enhancing the call analytics our customers need for smarter marketing decisions.”

CallRail’s proprietary voice intelligence technology can assign a ‘good lead’ status to relevant phone conversations within the CallRail dashboard, utilizing machine-learning to continually improve upon its lead qualification algorithms.  This latest feature also displays a dual-channel, graphical representation of each call recording.

The valuable insights provided by Conversation Intelligence will allow marketers and sales teams to improve top-line revenue growth by providing data to determine where your most qualified calls are originating.

Conversation Intelligence gives CallRail users access to the information they need to optimize their sales and marketing messaging, while eliminating manual management of listening to calls and scoring leads.

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