CallRail is now part of Marketo LaunchPoint™, the most complete ecosystem of best-of-breed marketing solutions. LaunchPoint’s innovative providers span analytics, big data, content marketing, events, webinars, lead data, lifecycle marketing, online ads and campaigns, sales tools, and social media.

Marketo’s marketing automation software gives marketers an understanding of lead life cycles via form submissions, clicks, and other online activities. The CallRail Direct Connect Marketo integration provides marketers with a holistic view of inbound lead actions by including telephone call activity directly in the Marketo platform, thus alleviating attribution blind spots.

“Conversions are occurring more frequently over the phone,” said Lance Weatherby, Vice President of Marketing for CallRail. “CallRail’s direct integration with Marketo provides marketers with visibility into this increasing phone call lead activity and enables them to see the full story behind the path to purchase when that path includes a phone call. Moreover, CallRail’s Direct Connect integration with Marketo allows marketers to use their CRM of choice.”

“The integration of CallRail with Marketo’s Engagement Marketing Platform empowers marketers with a richer set of data about the customer journey by exposing telephone call activity,” said Lou Pelosi, Senior Director of LaunchPoint for Marketo. “We are thrilled to have CallRail as part of Marketo LaunchPoint.


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