New integrations help marketers automatically reallocate ad budget to phone campaigns driving quality leads

ATLANTA , Feb. 15, 2017 – CallRail, the world’s most popular call analytics provider, today announced integrations with PPC bid management platforms Kenshoo, Acquisio and Marin to help marketers better manage, report and optimize advertising campaigns to generate more call conversions.

CallRail customers can now view calls to specific tracking numbers side-by-side with campaigns managed in either Kenshoo, Acquisio and Marin. When a consumer clicks on an ad and places a call to the advertised business, CallRail can now report that call as a conversion within the respective bid management platform and map these calls to the PPC words that drove them.

Leveraging its proprietary machine learning technology, CallRail automatically filters out calls that aren’t helpful to a specific business and sends only quality leads into the bid management platform, a significant differentiator from competitors. Ads driving the greatest volume of quality leads are automatically optimized, saving marketers the task of doing so manually.

“When it comes to call conversions, quality far outweighs quantity,” said Lance Weatherby, vice president of sales and marketing at CallRail. “CallRail’s automated lead-scoring technology helps marketers focus on the leads that matter most to a given business, whether it’s first-time callers or callers specifically interested in new service offerings. By the time conversions reach the bid management platform, only the best of the best appear, saving marketers both time and money.”

According to Weatherby, implementing call tracking services can help marketers better grasp where in the journey a customer decided to convert and exactly what led them there. With CallRail’s new integrations, marketers can make informed bid decisions that factor in a customer’s entire path to conversion.

“Without call conversions, marketers are only looking at clicks, but clicks alone don’t always tell the story,” said Weatherby. “By integrating with Kenshoo, Acquisio and Marin, CallRail customers can now efficiently manage campaign data all in one place and see a more complete view of the customer journey.”

For more information on CallRail’s new bid management services, check out our call tracking integrations.

About CallRail:
CallRail provides call tracking and analytics to more than 40,000 companies and marketing agencies in North America . CallRail’s intuitive software helps data-driven marketers optimize the performance of their advertising campaigns, increase sales effectiveness, and improve customer retention. CallRail was recently named to the Inc. 500 and recognized by G2 Crowd as the leader in call tracking customer satisfaction. Learn more at

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