Through the partnership, Acquisio developed an integration that enables marketers and marketing agencies using both Acquisio and CallRail to manage, report, and optimize advertising campaigns to generate more call conversions.

“Connecting businesses with real world customers is one of our main goals. With CallRail as a new partner, we feel confident that we are continuing to offer our clients a full range of the very best call tracking options to enhance their business. Many of our clients already use CallRail, so this integration is a necessary and important addition for us,” says Marc Poirier, co-founder and CEO of Acquisio.

While CallRail has existing direct integrations with ad platforms like Google Ads (formerly AdWords), this is the company’s first integration with a PPC bid management platform. The integration leverages Acquisio’s unique tracking ID technology to match phone calls tracked by CallRail with campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword data from Acquisio.

“It’s pretty simple: Our customers are using applications like Acquisio to save time and generate more calls,” says Mark Sullivan, Director of Partnerships at CallRail. “This integration aims to make our customers better marketers by arming them with call conversion data they need, where they need it.”

The integration is available today through Acquisio’s Add On Marketplace or by contacting an Acquisio Account Manager.

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