According to data drawn from more than 10,000 businesses in the last 12 months, organic search, web sites, and search advertising top sources of inbound customer calls to businesses

What makes the phone ring? This is an age-old question for business owners, marketers and marketing agencies. CallRail, a leading call conversion, reporting and analytics solution for over 10,000 businesses, reviewed customer data from the past 12 months to discover what advertising sources drive calls from customers. The data reveals where millions of inbound customer calls over the last year originated:

  • 70% of calls came from numbers set up to track advertising unrelated to PPC (including organic search, broadcast, print, television, mailers)
  • 15% of calls came from numbers set up to track Google advertising
  • 26% of calls came from numbers set up specifically to track search engine sources (includes Google, Bing, Yahoo)

“‘What makes the phone ring’ is perhaps the most strategic marketing question a CMO or marketing leader can be asking today,” says CallRail’s Director of Analytics Mark Sullivan.

“Our data shows an average 24% boost in the frequency of inbound calls for companies over the course of this last year. As people use their mobile phones for more and more things, they’re also calling businesses more and more. Capitalizing on this trend is the future of marketing.”

Sullivan will discuss more details on this study and what it means for marketers in an upcoming live webinar and Q&A on September 10th. Register here.

For more information on what makes your phone ring and how to take advantage of full service call tracking and analytics, contact CallRail today.

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