CallRail Summer School: Part 3 || The Lead Lifecycle

These days, leads seem more valuable. In our final Summer School classes, we’ll help nurture and close them. Once again, we’ve enrolled some of the digital marketing world’s best and brightest teachers.

Class 1: Master rapid response || Jason Rozenblat, VP of Sales, CallRail

When it comes to leads, response time is money. Learn how to quickly route, organize, and track your customers and prospects.

Class 2: Improve customer conversations || Jonathan Naccache, President & Co-Founder, Webistry

To win more business, you need to communicate with leads how they want. Find out how to build relationships and text, email, and live chat.

Class 3: Close sales gaps || Skyler Andreasen, Customer Relationship Manager, Top Job Asphalt and Josh Larsen, CEO, Blue Fox Advertising

Missed calls become missed leads. We’ll reveal tips and tools that can help you connect with more customers — and learn from their calls.

Extra Credit: Ace follow up || Amanda Russell, Sr. Sales Training and Manager, and Jacob Brown, Sales Manager, CallRail

When a lead’s not ready to buy, you need a nurturing plan. In this bonus class, we’ll discuss the core components of a follow-up strategy.

Join us, and answer the call.

What you'll learn

  • Organizing, prioritizing and routing incoming leads
  • Communicating with customers the ways they want
  • Improving call quality and conversions with conversation data
  • Mitigating missed calls, texts, and emails
  • Understanding why some calls close while others don’t