Treasure Hunt: Mapping buyer journeys from clicks to conversion (a Camp CallRail Workshop)

Buyers don’t just stumble across your business — they leave a trail. Tracking them lets you focus your time and money on the marketing that works. And with the right tools and tips, mapping your customers’ path to purchase is easier than you think. See for yourself in our second Camp CallRail workshop.

Walker Sands' VP of Marketing, Courtney Beasley, and Demand Generation Manager, Naomi David, will lead the session. David Schroder, Demand Generation Senior Manager of CallRail, will join her.

Illustrated treasure map

What you'll learn

  • Why it’s difficult for many marketers to track buyer journeys
  • The basics of lead attribution
  • How to track leads from multiple sources with a single platform
  • Why analytics are the secret to making the most of your marketing dollar
  • How to achieve “just right” attribution for your business