The ultimate social media audit template

A social media audit equips you with the insights you need to either optimize your current social media strategy or build a bulletproof one if you’re starting from scratch. We know that the word audit can instill a bit of fear, so we demystified it by creating this easy-to-use social media audit template that takes the guesswork out of starting one.

All you have to do is plug in the information from your social channels. And just like that, you’ll have the information you need to build the framework of your social media strategies and efforts. Don’t wait. Get your copy of this template and start winning with social today.

What you'll learn

  • What’s working and what isn’t
  • How to establish benchmarks
  • Metrics you should be tracking
  • The content that performs best based on the channel
  • New opportunities to better connect and grow your audience
  • How to optimize your social media strategy