Replace your phone system with Lead Center

Your phone system’s been phoning it in long enough. Find out how you can replace it with Lead Center — and take control of your customer communications.

Part of the CallRail platform, Lead Center does everything your phone system does (taking and making calls). But it also delivers a single inbox for all your calls, texts, and form submissions. Puts you one click away from missed calls and messages. Features automatic call routing to teams. Lets managers monitor or even join live calls. And when you make and take calls, use your tracking numbers.

Join this webinar to see Lead Center in action. We’ll answer all your questions and even tell you how you can try it — free.

What you'll learn

  • Take, make, transfer, and automatically record calls — including outbound ones
  • View all your calls, texts, and form submissions in a single inbox
  • Respond to missed calls and messages in one click
  • Set up queues and automatically route calls to teams
  • Use Lead Center in the office or on the go