How to Prove SEO Business Value with Call Tracking

Measuring the impact of SEO is key to winning with digital marketing. Yet, understanding its value can prove difficult. So, we asked iPullRank’s Michael King to help us out. 

In this live Q&A, he’ll show us how to use SEO as a business driver. Plus, how call analytics can level up your local search strategy — translating search rankings into business value. 

As the owner of a successful black-owned business and Search Engine Land’s Search Marketer of the Year 2020, Michael has extensive experience getting his clients on the map.

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What you'll learn

  • Common reasons small businesses undervalue SEO
  • How to translate search rankings into business value with call analytics
  • KPIs you should be tracking
  • How to extract SEO opportunities from your phone calls
  • SEO tactics that’ll help you punch above your weight class