Missed Opportunities: Rethinking Call Tracking for Google Ads & SEO


Inbound calls are a goldmine, but can be often overlooked by businesses who lack the data to work those leads effectively.

Luckily, by using call tracking, you can make your paid and organic lead generation campaigns more effective and increase lead quality.

Franco Aquino, co-founder of REN Marketing, will be joined by Laura Lawrie, CallRail’s Principle Product Manager to discuss how call tracking can help you reduce wasted spend, identify new opportunities, and identify gaps in your processes.

You'll learn:

  • Common approaches to PPC that result in low customer retention and poor customer experiences
  • How call tracking can help identify gaps in the sales process and improve the value of marketing leads
  • How listening to call recordings can open up opportunities for new marketing tactics.

Webinar Hosts

Laura Lawrie

Senior Product Manager,


Franco Aquino


REN Marketing