Greater insight, greater results: How better data helped one agency boost client ROI

Marketing agency Einstein Industries uses CallRail tools like Call Tracking and Form Tracking to make data-informed decisions for clients.

Tip Sheet: 7 ways to build a lead management strategy

Make sure potential customers aren't slipping through the cracks. Enter your lead management strategy — the system to attract, monitor, and engage leads.

Google LSAs best practices for home service businesses

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Guide: Is my law firm's marketing working?

Do you know which campaigns are helping your law firm grow, and which are falling flat? Read this guide to help you become a more effective marketer.

Guide: Is my marketing working?

Do you know which activities are driving leads & phone calls, and which are falling flat? Use this guide to help you become a more effective marketer.

Is My Marketing Working?

Learn how to become a more effective marketer by answering, how do you make better decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars? 

More wins for CallRail: G2 Fall 2021 Placements

CallRail just keeps improving and hitting new achievements, thanks to our customers. Check out our new strides in the G2 Fall 2021 Report.

Missed Opportunities: Rethinking Call Tracking for Google Ads & SEO

In this webinar, we'll discuss how call tracking can help you reduce wasted spend, identify new opportunities, and identify gaps in your processes.

Inside track: quarterly product update [Q4]

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5 home service business trends that are shaping the industry

Despite the challenges experienced at the start of the pandemic, the home services industry is growing fast. Here are the top trends of 2021.

Get better call insights and boost your marketing with automation

Learn how Conversation Intelligence AI can transform call data into unparalleled insights about your target audience and the buying journey.

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Learn how to set your agency apart in 2021 and beyond with this infographic.

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New feature roundup - September 2021 edition

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6 ways to conduct healthcare marketing research without sacrificing patient security

How can you conduct patient marketing research while remaining HIPPA compliant? Read the blog to find out how.

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Call Tracking 101

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Is a cheap call tracking solution really going to help your business? Find out the hidden costs of cheap call tracking tools.

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What small businesses need from marketing agencies today

After a year of hardship and heartbreak, today’s business owners are ready to bounce back. What does that mean for marketing agencies?

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4 reports clients want to see from agencies

Clients want to see ROI when they work with an agency. Here are some key reports agencies can show to their clients.