Live Q&A: How to outsmart competitive marketers with call tracking

From TVs to social media, from buses to billboards, consumers face a barrage of ads from law firms. But which are working? And which are wasted?

If you used call tracking, you'd know.

Call tracking technology delivers in-depth information about each person who calls your firm — including how they found you. It connects incoming calls to your marketing efforts so you can pinpoint which ads and keywords drove which calls. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We're hosting a live Q&A with top legal marketers to find out how call tracking helps them spend smarter. You’ll also learn how they use call tracking to improve response times and personalize service.

Join the conversation — and gain a competitive edge.

Hosts: Nick Paul, Director of Digital Advertising,  Nifty Marketing

Harlan Schillinger, Legal Marketing Expert

David Chapman, Owner, Webrageous

Maddy Martin, Head of Growth & Education,

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What you'll learn

  • How call tracking reveals new marketing opportunities
  • Where you should spend more — and less — on marketing
  • Call tracking insights that can personalize and improve service